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DVR Email Alert Setting

Usually we want to receive email notification when motion is detected by DVR, here is the instruction.


Step 1:

Right-click mouse -> Main Menu -> Network -> Net Server, you will see this NetService window, then click EMAIL

email alert


Step 2:

Check Enable, input SMTP Server (default is gmail, but you can change to other service provider like yahoo) and Port, User Name and Password is your email account login address and password, Sender and Receiver is your same email address.

After setting you can click Mail Testing to see if it works. Then click OK to leave.

email alert


Step 3:

Back to Main Menu, go to Alarm -> Motion Detect, choose Channel and check Enable, then check Send Email. Click OK.

email alert motion detection



Common SMTP server for reference:

Email Provider  SMTP Server Server Port Encrypt Type Note
AOL smtp.aol.com 465 / 587 SSL / STARTTLS In AOL Mail, go to Option -> Account Info -> Account Security, turn on "Allow apps that use less secure sign in"
Gmail smtp.gmail.com 465 / 587 SSL / STARTTLS In Gmail, go to Setting -> Forwaring and POP/IMAP, check Enable IMAP. In Google Acocount, go to Security, turn on "Less secure app access"
QQ smtp.qq.com 465 / 587 SSL / TLS
Yahoo smtp.mail.yahoo.com 465 / 587 SSL / TLS



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