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Freeware for Optical Drives

Type Burner Player Ripper Guide
Blu-ray (BD) Ashampoo

VLC media player (4K)

Blu-ray Master

DVD/ CD Ashampoo
VLC media player

Windows 10 and 8.1:

Mac OS X 10.4.0 and 10.3.9




Drivers for Wireless Card

Model WiFi Bluetooth
3160 Direct to Intel 3160 driver download page
6205 Direct to Intel 6205 driver download page
7260 Direct to Intel 7260 driver download page
8265 Direct to Intel 8265 driver download page
9260 Direct to Intel 9260 driver download page
9560 Direct to Intel 9560 driver download page
AR5B195 Click and Search AR9285 Click and Search AR3011
AR5B22 Click and Search AR9462 Click and Search AR9462
AR5B225 Click and Search AR9485 Click and Search AR3012
BCM94352 Auto installation, or please use Device Manager or Windows Update
BCM94360 Windows 8 64 bit  Windows 10 64 bit  Windows 10 32 bit
QCNFA222 (AR5B222) Click and Search AR9462 Click and Search AR9462


Other Products Driver and Manual

SKU Items Windows Mac Manual
con0043con0043 pci sound card Internal PCI-e sound card


- -
dor0001 dor0001 fingerprint reader Fignerprint reader - - English Manual


WG2054 4 door access controller

WG2054 4 door access controller Controller Software - Wiring Diagram

dor0011, dor0017 

electric magnetic door lock

Electric magnetic door lock - - English Manual


12v door access power supply

12V 3A door access power supply - - English Manual
dor0019 dor0019 finrgerprint reader with keypad F18 Fignerprint reader keypad - - English Manual
dor0040 rfid card reader keypad
A5 RFID card reader keypad - - English Manual
KT86D RFID reader
KT86D RFID card reader keypad - - English Manual
dor0044 dor0044 fingerprint reader kyepad SF2 Fingerprint reader keypad - - English Manual


7612 rfid reader keypad

7612 RFID reader keypad - - English Manual


rfid card copier

RFID card copier - - English Manual
k2 rfid reader keypad
K2 RFID reader keypad - - English Manual
Z86D fingerprint reader rfid card reader
Z86D fingerprint reader - - English Manual
hub0035USB 5.1 Channel External Optical Sound Card SPDIF USB 5.1 ch external audio adapter CM6206:
  • Windows 10: (download both files and extract them in the same folder: 1/2, 2/2)
  • Windows 7
- -
plu0053plu0053 usb 3.0 to vga external video adapter USB 3.0 to VGA/HDMI FL2000 (or download from our website) FL2000 -
too0011, too0021too0008 usb microscope USB Microscope HiView (Measurement) English Manual


digital microscope

HDMI Microscope Camera AMCAP (GLChina) - English Manual